3 Of The Best Nonsexual Ways To Turn A Woman On

Man Turning A Woman On Without Being SexualIt doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that men and women are wired in very different ways. Where men prefer to show affection through physical action, women are more geared towards words and emotion. This also explains why they have vastly different ways of getting turned on.

A guy can get in the mood just by looking at an attractive woman, but women need more than just visual stimulation. Unfortunately, this gap in “communication” is something men find hard to understand and for the most part they never really consider nonsexual ways to turn a woman on.

For the guys who want to get a girlfriend and for those looking for more effective ways of turning a woman on without using sexual advances, keep reading.

Target Her Sense Of Smell

According to Kate Oswalt and her article for Men’s Health, a man that smells good is an automatic turn-on. She personally appreciates a “fresh, out of the shower smell”, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a mixture of shower gels and bath soaps.

As long as a guy makes the most out of his cologne or deodorant, then it should do the trick. However, she does recommend using modest quantities. Whatever he is using should complement his presence, not overshadow it.

Kate also suggests some old-school tactics like writing a romantic note or a letter. The fact that you hardly ever see a handwritten letter anymore gives it a lot of power, because it requires extra effort and shows a willingness to go above and beyond according to modern standards.

Listen And Show Appreciation

Athena Staik, Ph.D. and relationship specialist, also provides some very interesting tips on her PsychCentral blog. For starters, she suggests that if a man simply listens to what a woman has to say, he’s already heading in the right direction. He shouldn’t give advice or his opinion and he shouldn’t try to fix her problem. All he has to do is listen.

She goes on to say that showing a woman appreciation for everything she does will go a very long way. This can be done by simply telling her or giving her something special to show gratitude. Apparently, if a guy really wants to turn a woman on in the most unexpected and nonsexual way, he should help out around the house without her asking for it.

Use Words And Innocent Touch

Stanley Ducharme’s career as a sex therapist and Ph.D. has taught him two fundamental things about unlocking the sexual side of a woman. Firstly, a guy that tells his girl that he loves her, especially when she least expects it, opens the door to great possibilities. Add some emotional discussions about how he feels and he is in the right zone for turning her on.

When it comes to touching, Ducharme says that most women prefer nonsexual contact. In other words, innocently playing around and touching her shoulders, hands, or just about anywhere except her breasts or genital area is a great way to go about it. Foreplay is a very big thing for the fairer sex and they like to take their time. Tickling her ears or massaging her scalp might not sound sexual to a guy, but it does wonders for a woman.

Whether a guy is just getting into a relationship or if he has been with a woman for 20 years, romance in its purest form remains the best nonsexual way to turn a woman on. Surprising her with a gift every now and then without expecting anything in return, showing her that she is always on his mind even when she’s not around, and making an effort to look good for her are the small things that lead to greater pleasures.